Fairport Harbor Beautification

Fairport Harbor Heritage Foundation is dedicated to maintaining the beauty and attraction Fairport Harbor has for its residents and visitors by adding community gardens, rain barrels and supporting other projects that help keep our village eco-friendly.

Community Gardens
We develop and maintain community vegetable and floral gardens around Fairport Harbor Village starting in the spring and continuing through October. Grants from Painesville Community Improvement Corporation and the Lubrizol Foundation have enabled us to create community gardens spots.

We are always seeking inspired horticulturalists and interested gardeners to help us plant, water, weed and maintain these beautiful locations. If interested, contact us for details on how you can make our community enjoyable for all.

Rain Barrels
Our Rain Barrels project encourages residents to be eco-friendly and environmentally conscious when using water in our community. Not only do the rain barrels help prevent overflowing storm sewers in Fairport Harbor, but the collected water can be used by residents for personal uses including watering gardens or house plants, keeping lawns green and washing their cars.

Lake Erie is a precious local resource for our Fairport Harbor community and we encourage everyone to join us in being eco-friendly. Help us by purchasing a Rain Barrel for $$ and supporting our community.